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Company Name
TOKIWA (Shanghai) Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.


Registered Capital

July 1st, 2010

JPY 100,000,000

General Manager

About Us

We are a Japanese-owned enterprise, with over sixty years of history. Our main customers are

machine tool industry and automobile industry, especially providing custom automated equipment

and production line delivery to those manpower-saving, automation needed manufacturing

customers; provide precise auxiliary machine& parts (oil cooler, hydraulic station, bearing, valve,

filter, etc.) to machine tool manufacturers. Our business is involved in domestic market and 

import trade.

We have a systematic service team covering design, manufacturing, marketing and technical

service, which also has gained good evaluation and trust from big customers of the industry. The

company performance shows a tendency of high-speed growth year by year.

Products& Services

• Robot business 
• Total joint business 
• And automation equipment business 
• General-purpose equipment business

Address (China)

Room1202, Guo Li Building,No.1465 West Beijing Road,Jingan District,Shanghai,20040 CHINA.

NO.3 Building,Gu wei Science & Technology Park,No.521,Zhu jiang Road,Xin district,Suzhou,215011 CHINA.

Address (Japan)

TOKIWA Corporation Co., Ltd 15-31Fujimi-cho,Nagoya,460-0014.

Kasugai Branch 2588-1 ,Matsukawado-cho,Kasugai,〒486-0932.
Nagano Office 1-2574-5 The south of Suwa,Nagano.

Tokyo Office 1-16-8 The North shinagawa,shinagawa-ku,Tokyo.

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