• High precision liquid temperature control.
    A very important factor affecting the quality of industrial equipment. To control the liquid temperature according to the years of technology and experience to guide customers to use environment.
  • Bearings business started out by using the superior materials made and by applying expertise in cutting and heat treatment acquired from our experience with cutting-tool manufacture. Benefiting from our continually advancing technology, these parts are at work in automobiles, industrial machinery, and equipment in various other sectors.
  • Added an inverter drive type to energy saving variable pump unit NSP series. By the inverter drive, energy-saving effect is further up. Holding pressure achieve a low noise by lowering the rotational speed of the hydraulic pump by the inverter. Automatically fine electrical adjustment and external command is no need to control the pump speed, depending on the load pressure.
  • Motor, pump, tank are realized the compact in the integration. (conventional ratio 35% ) In combination with accumulator, energy-saving effect of outstanding new design to drive the real pump when necessary.
  • Provide the necessary filter dust control and excellent filtration performance, while providing the highest quality management. Hydraulic filter pollutants, functional stability of the system, to extend the life of the component.
  • Recognized by reliable overseas safety standards such as CE (Europe), UL (U.S.A.) and CSA (Canada). The power consumption of the DC solenoid (D* and E*) is reduced. This will further promote your energy saving policy. An innovative fluid reaction compensating mechanism assures reliable valve switching. (Patent pending) An expanded wiring space ensures easy wiring.